Milan is a beautiful, modern city that combines the best of Italy's yesterday and today. It's the country's business, design, fashion and music capital, as well as rich in art, history and culture.

This Northern Italian city of one and a half million people is home to the world-renowned La Scala Opera house, the enormous Gothic Cathedral Duomo, and Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper - just to name a few of it's most captivating attractions.

Piazza Duomo

Duomo illuminato

Italy's most important fashion designers have concentrated their shops, boutiques, and showrooms in Milan's famous "quadrangle of fashion" district near the city's center. Milan also has the nation's most important design schools, world-class music conservatories, the top companies and financial insititutions, and Italy's leading Stock Exchange. The most important conventions and trade fairs in Southern Europe are held at Milan's Fiera trade fair center.

Milan is located in the plains just south of the Italian Alps mountain chain, close to a multitude of other interesting cities and attractions. Venice and Florence are just a few short hours away by train. Skiing and the snow-capped mountains are just an hour north. The seaside and quaint villages of Liguria and "Cinque Terre" are only a couple hours away.

For international travel, France, Switzerland, and Austria are just a short train trip away, as the Spanish and Greek isles are only an hour or two flight

Happy hour

Business center